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Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, Book by Mike Ockrent & Lynn Ahrens

December 1-10, 2023

September 11, 12, 14

See Important Audition information below!

Director: Anna Olson
Music Director: Casey Barker
Choreographer: Kate McCall

Bah Humbug!

Ebenezer Scrooge is a prosperous curmudgeon who believes personal wealth is far more valuable than the happiness and comfort of others. With an infuriated "Bah! Humbug!" Scrooge summates his feelings of Christmas tidings and charitable giving, but he's forced to face his selfish ways when three ghosts on Christmas Eve lead him through his Past, Present, & Future. Thanks to their guidance, Scrooge recognizes his faults and greets Christmas morning with a cheerful "Happy Christmas" before spending the day reconnecting and sharing love with those that mean the most to him. Join CVFT this holiday season as we bring Alan Menken's spectacular score and Dickens' most beloved tale to life on the Chanhassen High School stage.

Important Audition Info:

Audition Dates:

  • Monday 9/11 6-9pm (Pioneer Ridge Middle School)

  • Tuesday 9/12 6-9pm (Pioneer Ridge Middle School)

  • Note: Tap dancers are requested to sign up for an audition spot after 8pm, as the team would like to see them for an additional combo. 


Callback Date:

  • Callbacks to take place Thursday 9/14 at Pioneer Ridge Middle School. 

Important Notes:

Please prepare 32 bars of vocal music (typically a verse and a chorus). An accompanist will be provided, so please bring sheet music in the correct key. You may be asked to match pitch with the piano. Please come dressed for movement. 

We need to see you during our audition dates. If you can't make these dates due to prior engagements, you may contact us at to discuss if other options would be suitable. 

Rehearsal Information:

Performances begin December 1 and conclude December 10.

Rehearsals begin Monday, October 2nd.

Rehearsals are required for all beginning November 19.


  • Approximate rehearsal times: Sunday between 5:00 and 8:30pm AND M-Th between 6:00 and 9:00pm, with youth generally rehearsing earlier in the evening and adults arriving later, dependent on cast availability. Not all actors will be called all nights, we anticipate calling most actors approximately 3 nights a week.

Character Descriptions:

Ebenezer Scrooge - Vocal range A-flat 2-F4. A man who lost his father to creditors as a kid and has grown up heeding his father's advice to save his money. Until he realizes how terrible he's become, he is a grumpy, unsympathetic man and has no time for anyone or anything. Through his journey with the three ghosts, he transforms from miserly to merry.

Ghost of Christmas Past/Lamplighter - Vocal range E-flat 4-G-sharp 5. An ever cheerful, sprightly ghost who comes back with the history book of Scrooge's past to show him the events that led to his current state. Cheerfulness and kindness are this character’s dominant traits, and maybe a little zany. 

Ghost of Christmas Present/Sandwich board Man - Vocal range D-flat 3-F4. Preferably be able to tap dance or fake it well. Must be able to move. A jovial, larger-than-life ghost who comes back to show Scrooge all the joy, love, and celebration he is missing out on while those around him celebrate Christmas. Very vaudeville.

Ghost of Christmas Future/Blind Old Hag - Vocal range C4-F5. Needs to be able to belt and have a strong mix. Huge dance role - must be able to move in a contemporary style. Strong and mostly silent as she shows Scrooge what will happen to him and those around him if he continues down the path he is currently treading. Creepy and eerie, yet captivating every time they are on stage.

Bob Cratchit - Vocal range G-sharp 2-E4. A father and husband who cares deeply for his family, particularly his youngest son, Tiny Tim. Kind and patient, he endures Scrooge's temper and abuse to provide for his family, especially his son, Tiny Tim.

Mrs. Cratchit - Vocal range G-sharp 3-E5. Tiny Tim's mother and Bob Cratchit's wife. She is a loving mother who tries to provide the best for her children with what she's got. Loving, hopeful, and generous.

Jacob Marley - Vocal range B2-A-flat 4. Scrooge's former business partner who, before his death, was exactly like Scrooge. Comes back as a ghost in chains to warn Scrooge of how his life decisions will bind him in the afterlife. Must have good comedic timing with ridiculous one-liners.

Tiny Tim - Vocal range B-flat 3-D5. Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit's youngest son. He is crippled and sick but is the definition of loving Christmas spirit. He constantly reminds his family that as long as they all have each other, they will be happy. Represents the Christmas spirit with hope and goodness.

Scrooge at 18 - Vocal range B2-G4. Scrooge with the happiness of his youth and deeply in love with Emily. Sincere and warm until grasped by greed.

Emily - Vocal range B3-B-flat 5. Scrooge's fiancé from when they were young. She is a beautiful girl, not impressed by or in need of money. Enjoys the simple things in life. Joyful and kind-hearted. In love with Scrooge at 18.

Mr. Fezziwig -  Vocal range B2-B4. Must be able to move. A jolly and kind man who used to throw a huge Christmas party every year for the community. He was Scrooge's first boss and after teaching him all he knew, he became deeply disappointed in the man Scrooge became.

Mrs. Fezziwig - Vocal range A3-A-flat 5. Must be able to move. The consummate hostess and Mr. Fezziwig's wife, she loved to help throw the Christmas party every year. Fun and sassy.

Fred Anderson - Vocal range B2-G4. Scrooge's nephew and only living relative. He is a pleasant young man who believes in the good a joyful Christmas spirit can make in the world. Compassionate and joyful.

Sally Anderson - Vocal range C4-E-flat 5. Wife of Fred. Warm and loving.

Jonathan - Vocal range E-flat 4-E-flat 5. Fun street urchin. Comedic.

Mr. Smythe - Vocal range D-flat 3-F-sharp 4. Recently widowed. Hopeful. Poor and in debt to Scrooge. Father of Grace.

Beadle - Vocal range A2-B-flat 3. Worker in the royal exchange.

Old Joe - Vocal range F3-C-sharp 4. Scavenger of the dead.

Young Marley - Vocal range D3-F-sharp 4. Must be able to move. Starts business with Scrooge at 18 and shares a similar mindset of greed.

Scrooge at 12 - Vocal range F-sharp 3-A4. Poor orphan Scrooge working in a factory and vows to save his money. Misses and loves his sister, Fan.

Grace Smythe - Vocal range D-flat 4-F-sharp 5. Daughter of Mr. Smythe. Sad yet hopeful.

Fan at 10 - Vocal range A4-E5. Must be able to dance. Younger sister to Scrooge.

Martha Cratchit - Sister to Tiny Tim. Loves her family.

Mrs. Mops - Vocal range D-sharp 4-D5. Maid for Scrooge. Gets to sass Scrooge a bit.

Scrooge's Mother - Vocal range C4-C5. Sad, yet beautiful cameo moment.

Featured Ensemble Roles
Scrooge at 8
Fan at 6
Scrooge's Father

The ensemble will perform in many different roles including:
Anderson Children
Cratchit Children
Angel Choir
Rich Women
Charity Men/Women
...and more!

General Audition Information

  • Auditions are open; family involvement is encouraged

  • Productions may have specific age or gender requirements

  • Auditions are conducted on a first-come, first served basis

  • Bring your calendar to note any conflicts on your audition form





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