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Chaska Valley Family Theatre

About Us

In 1995, a group of former Chaska High School students teamed up to form a community theater, and Chaska Valley Family Theatre was born. Since our first production of “Annie,” CVFT has produced almost a hundred productions enjoyed by thousands of patrons. 


Using a variety of talented local directors, designers, actors, musicians, and technicians, CVFT produces several shows each season. CVFT currently uses a variety of Carver County venues, including the Chaska Community Center, Chanhassen High School, and the Charlson Thun Bandshell in VIctoria.

While remaining true to our core offering of musical theater, CVFT has continued to expand our traditional base by partnering with local civic organizations for special events, producing occasional dramatic works, and by creating opportunities for local writers to produce new works. Additionally, CVFT offers educational opportunities throughout the year for local youth with our Dragonfly Theatre Arts Program.

Our Mission

To create a nurturing and inclusive theater community that is welcoming, collaborative, and encourages artistic growth, while fostering a lifelong love for the arts.

Our Values

EXCELLENCE:  We work hard to create top quality productions and experiences, on and off stage, with passionate teams and strong leadership.

RESPECT:  We provide an environment that is welcoming and respectful to all, casting families together whenever possible in order to create joyful experiences and lifelong memories.

COMMUNITY:  We recognize the special role that the arts play in enabling strong communities, and work to keep our activities accessible to all.


What Family means to us


Chaska Valley Family Theatre recognizes that families take multiple forms.  CVFT puts a special emphasis on including people of all ages, from all walks of life, to join our theater community. We focus on building a nurturing and accepting space for all. We encourage artistic growth and collaboration in a positive and welcoming way.

CVFT is a registered non-profit, 501(c) (3) corporation, and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that meets monthly.

CVFT is a member of the American Association of Community Theatre,  the Minnesota Theater Alliance, the Arts Consortium of Carver County.

Board of Directors

2022-23 Board of Directors:

Hannah Johnson  President
Gillian Barrow  Artistic Director

Tom Muhs  Vice President
Jennifer Martin Treasurer
Ginny Enfield    Secretary

Mack Armbruster

Sean Barker

Kevin Berg

Kathy  Keppel

Rachel Vollbrecht

Our CODE OF CONDUCT is found here.

Our BOARD FUNCTIONS are found here.

Our BYLAWS are found here.

A  JOB DESCRIPTION can be found here.

              Apply for a board position HERE.



              Apply for a student rep position HERE.



Our CASTING GUIDELINES are found here.


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