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Theatre Arts Camp

Registration is closed!

Both Week 1 and Week 2 are currently SOLD OUT.
Email us at to be added to our waitlist.

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Dragonfly Theatre Arts Camp is for students Grade 3 - Grade 8 and is held in the Chaska Community Center Theater at 1661 Park Ridge Drive, Chaska.

Please contact us by email at with any questions!

CVFT’s Dragonfly Theater Camp Rules and Guidelines


Dragonfly Theatre Arts Camp is designed for students Grade 3 - Grade 8. This includes students entering 3rd grade and exciting 8th grade.

Camp Hours

Camp will run from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Saturday with a performance for friends and family at 2:30 PM each Saturday. 


Tuition for Dragonfly Theater Camp Summer 2024 will be $325. Refunds are available 1 month prior to to the start of camp, minus a $50 processing fee. A 50% refund will be available for up to a week before the start of camp. 


Arrival and Departure

Campers may be dropped off as early as 8:50am at the Chaska Community Center Theatre. Welcome and meeting for campers will be from 9:00-9:15am. We ask that all parents check their child in with a Dragonfly Camp staff member - they may not simply drop their child off in the parking lot.

Camp ends at 4:00pm, and campers can be picked up between 4:00 and 4:15. If a camper needs to be picked up before 4:00, please provide a signed note at drop off indicating when they will be leaving. When a camper is picked up, the parent/guardian MUST check them out with a Dragonfly Camp staff member.

Remember that we share the space at the community center, and the parking lot can be extremely busy. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY in the parking lot.


Please feel free to arrange carpools with other families! We know this can help make camp hours more convenient. Please let us know in writing if someone other than you will be picking up your child, and please make sure that your child is aware that someone else will be picking them up.

Early Pickup

Need to pick up your child before 4:00 pm? No problem! Simply give us a note when you drop your child off in the morning informing us as to when you'll be picking up your child that day. Early pick ups must be communicated on the day of by giving us a written note. If you need to pick up your child unexpectedly in the middle of the day, please call the camp manager at 952-250-7206, and they will notify the teaching artist and your child. Additionally, if you have questions for the teaching

artists, they will be available by email at

Late Pickup

All campers must be picked up by 4:15. Campers not picked up by 4:15 pm will be charged $1.00 per minute for the first 30 minutes, and $5.00 per minute after 4:45pm. This fee will go towards covering the cost of staff members supervising your child past camp hours.

Dress Code

Campers are asked to wear comfortable, loose, modest clothing that will allow for rigorous physicality and movement. All clothing must be free of profanity, advertisements for alcohol or illegal substances, and generally in good taste. All campers must wear shoes with a closed toe and heel. Sandals and/or flipflops are NOT allowed. Shorts must be worn under skirts.

Breaks and Lunch

For the safety of all our participants, Dragonfly Theatre Camp is a nut-free program. Please ensure that all snacks and lunches are free of peanuts and tree nuts. 

There will be a snack break and a lunch break every day, as well as water breaks as needed. All breaks will be supervised. Campers must bring a sack lunch and water bottle with them every day. Teachers cannot purchase food for students. There is no microwave or refrigerator.

A nut free snack will be provided for all campers each afternoon.  If your camper has additional food restrictions, please inform camp staff.  We will do our best to accommodate allergies, and you may send an alternative snack with your camper as needed. 

Although the community center has vending machines, those are not available for use during camp hours. At lunch time, we will be going outside to the playground, and weather permitting will use the picnic tables to eat lunch. Personal electronic devices are not permitted during breaks (including but not limited to cell phones, handheld gaming devices, etc.).


There will be regular bathroom breaks offered to the group and supervised by camp staff. Campers should make an effort to avoid missing camp time to use the restroom. If they must use the bathroom during program time, campers will be excused one at a time.


Campers may not deface or vandalize the facilities in any way. Vandalism will result in suspension from the camp and additional fees to cover any damages.


At Dragonfly Theater Camp young actors have the opportunity to explore all areas of theatre while building their confidence, empathy, and ability to collaborate. We encourage campers to take risks, try new things, and use their unique voice. We are committed to creating an encouraging, inclusive community, where all campers feel welcomed and able to take artistic

Campers must behave in a polite and respectful manner while at Dragonfly Theater Camp. Profanity, verbal disrespect, name calling etc. will not be tolerated. For their safety, rough-housing of any kind is strictly prohibited, and we ask that students not run while in the theater. When in the theater, the students must listen and follow directions exactly.

Campers are not allowed to bring any kind of weapon the the camp.

It is understood that the parents will remind their children of the appropriate way to behave while in camp. Students who repeatedly violate the rules and guidelines will be expelled without a refund.

Parents may not berate, insult or otherwise abuse Dragonfly Theater Camp staff and/or other students. It is understood that parental behavior that violates camp rules and guidelines may result in the expulsion of their camper without refund.

Electronic Devices

Dragonfly Theater Camp is a “device-free” program. We want campers to turn off their screens and explore their imagination and creativity.

Campers are asked not to bring personal electronic devices to camp. This includes but is not limited to cellphones, tablets, cameras and laptops or other electronic devices that may become lost, damaged or stolen.

It is understood that Dragonfly Theater camp, its staff, Chaska Valley Family Theater, and its staff are absolutely not responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen items.


It is understood that all images, testimonials, photos, video and audio taken at or in connection with Dragonfly Theater Camp are the exclusive property of Dragonfly Theater Camp and its parent company, Chaska Valley Family Theatre. As a condition of participation, it is understood and authorized that photos, video and audio may be taken of camp participants. This content
may be used by Dragonfly Theater Camp and/or Chaska Valley Family Theater in promotional materials, marketing, and online media.

If you do not wish your camper’s image to be used by Dragonfly Theater Camp, you must notify the camp in writing on or before the first day of camp.

Covid-19 Safety 

CVFT is committed to following current CDC recommendations at the time of camp and to the health and safety of our community.

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