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Footloose Cast List

We want to thank each and everyone of you who braved the snowstorm and came out to audition for Footloose.  So much talent made for a lot of difficult casting decisions and we are sorry we couldn’t cast everyone.  Our first meeting will be this Monday April 9th at 6:30 at Pioneer Ridge Middle School (where auditions were) in the choir room.  Regular rehearsals will begin Tuesday the 10th.  Full schedule will be available at the meeting.
Thank you
Katie and the production staff
CVFT’s Footloose
Ren McCormack – James Anenson
Ethel McCormack – Sheila Wyatt
Rev Shaw Moore – Michael Jarrard
Vi Moore – Bette Block
Ariel Moore – Elise Nawrocki
Lulu Warnicker – Erika LeMire
Wes Warnicker – Ryan Vortherms
Coach Roger Dunbar – David Erickson
Eleanor Dunbar – Anne Daly
Principal – Rachel Vollbrecht
Betty – Marrissa Peterson
Rusty – Lauren Manna
Urleen – Kiana Carlson
Wendy Jo – Cathy Maki
Chuck – Micah Mills
Travis – Trevyn Pannhoff
Lyle – Blake Briol
Willard – William Maus
Bickle/Boy 1(scene 1 & 9) – Nicholas Becker
Jeter/Boy 2(scene 9) – Wes Quist
Cowboy Bob – Michael Quinn
Cowgirl – Heather Pallas
Junkyard Boys (1:2) – Elijah Bresnan, Connor Johnson, Brandon Ambrose, Tyler Jarrard
Footloose Soloists – Maddie Kerlin, Wes Quist, Faith Peterson
Choir – David Erickson, Ryan Vortherms, Steph Bagge, Hannah Morrissey, Kathryn Mankenberg, Heather Pallas, Toni Van Eyll, Erika LeMire, Marissa Pederson
Churchgoers – Claire Torrey, Christine Keller, Rachel Vollbrecht, Amy Jo Mickelson, Kelly Stacken, Anne Daly
Learning to Be Silent – Claire Torrey, Amy Jo Mickelson, Anne Daly, Toni Van Eyll
Holding/Hero Teens – Alexis Dicken, Skylar Dicken, Emma Gulden, Maggie Heuer, Solveig Carlson, Alyssa Wedin, Tiffany Shen, Claire Schmidtke, Libby Keppel, Maddie Kerlin, Stella Buselmeier, Sydney Gramstad, Ava Jax, Faith Peterson, Grace Torrey, Tea Sopoci Hardin
BBQ Dancers – Hannah Morrissey, Katherine Mankenberg, Ryan Vortherms, Heather Pallas, Christine Keller, Rachel Vollbrecht, Amy Jo Mickelson, Kelly Stacken, Erika LeMire, Marissa Pederson, Micah Mills, David Erickson
Child Chorus – Sydney Bagge, August Bagge, Emily Gale, Oliver Aronson, Isabella Bresnan, Elijah Bresnan, Connor Johnson, Emma Quist, Brandon Ambrose, Izzy Van Eyll, Tyler Jarrard, Gwen Erickson
Adult Chorus – Steph Bagge, Hannah Morrissey, Claire Torrey, Kathryn Mankenberg, Ryan Vortherms, Heather Pallas, Christine Keller, Rachel Vollbrecht, Amy Jo Mickelson, Toni Van Eyll, Kelly Stacken, Anne Daly, Erika LeMire, Marissa Pederson, David Erickson
Teen Chorus – Grace Torrey, Alexis Dicken, Skylar Dicken, Meredith Snapp, Rebecca Twite, Emma Gulden, , Maggie Heuer, Solveig Carlson, Tea Sopoci-Hardin, Amanda Christensen, Alyssa Wedin, Miel Aronson, Tiffany Shen, Claire Schmidtke, Libby Keppel, Maddie Kerlin, Stella Buselmeier, Kali Jarrard, Sydney Gramstad, Chloe Stromberg, Ava Jax, Lucia Gavin, Faith Peterson, Tommy Carraux, Nicholas Becker, Wes Quist, Blake Briol, Trevyn Pannhoff

Open Call auditions for “Footloose”

Pioneer Ridge Middle School (1085 Pioneer Trail, Chaska, MN 55318):

· Monday, April 2nd – 6pm – 9pm OR
· Tuesday, April 3rd – 6pm – 9pm

Callbacks, if needed, will be held Thursday, April 5th – 6pm – 9pm

No appointments necessary. Come at any time between 6pm and 9pm.

Please prepare 16 bars of a musical theater or pop song that’s similar in style to music from the show. Please bring
music in the correct key for the accompanist (pianist will be provided).
Come dressed to move as there will be a dance audition.

Performance Dates: Friday, June 15, 7pm – Saturday, June 16, 7pm – Sunday, June 17, 2pm
– Wednesday, June 20 7pm – Thursday, June 21, 7pm – Friday, June 22, 7pm – Saturday, June 23 7pm – Sunday, June 24, 2pm

Based on the 1984 movie, a city kid attempts to adapt to life in the ultra-conservative, rural town of Bomont, Texas. Once there, he ends up leading the repressed teenagers into a rebellion against the town leaders, paving the way for the community’s first high school dance in decades.

Large ensemble cast, with many opportunities for featured performances.

Note from the directors:

This show lends itself to lots of roles for “teens,” but this is a story about a town and all the nuanced personalities that make it tick. Everyone in the cast will have an opportunity to do some dancing and show their love of the ‘80s. The directing staff is planning to have ensemble on stage in some capacity for nearly every scene. If you have specific skills (gymnastics, dance, etc.) let us know at auditions so we can work to find a way to include those talents into the show.

Featured roles and soloist needs:

· Ren McCormack – A teenage boy from Chicago (tenor)

· Willard Hewitt – Ren’s friend, a country boy (baritone/tenor)

· Ethel McCormack – Ren’s mother (mezzo)

· Shaw Moore – A prominent church minister in Bomont (baritone)

· Vi Moore – The minister’s wife (mezzo)

· Ariel Moore – The minister’s daughter (mezzo)

· Rusty – Ariel’s best friend (soprano)

· Chuck Cranston – Ariel’s boyfriend (tenor)

· Cowboy Bob – A cowboy in a country western dance hall

More soloists will be added as scenes are workshopped.

Special Dance Needs:

The primary style of the show will be 1980s style jazz. Prior dance experience would be helpful, but it’s not required. Tumbling/gymnastics/technical dance skills may be featured, if possible. Bring lots of personality and energy!

General Information About Auditioning

  • Auditions are open; family involvement is encouraged
  • Productions may have specific age or gender requirements
  • Auditions are conducted on a first-come, first served basis
  • Bring your calendar to note any conflicts on your audition form

You may fill out the form below and bring it with you, or fill one out at auditions




Unless specific audition music is required (read below), we suggest choosing one of the following popular, well-know songs for your audition.

Youth Audition Example – Do-Re-Mi

Male Adult or Teen Audition Example – Edelweiss

Female Teen Audition Example – On My Own

Female Adult or Teen Audition Example – I Dreamed a Dream