Upcoming Auditions


General Information About Auditioning

  • Auditions are open; family involvement is encouraged
  • Productions may have specific age or gender requirements
  • Auditions are conducted on a first-come, first served basis
  • Bring your calendar to note any conflicts on your audition form

You may fill out the form below and bring it with you, or fill one out at auditions




AUDITION SONG EXAMPLES Unless specific audition music is required (read below), we suggest choosing one of the following popular, well-know songs for your audition.

Youth Audition Example – Do-Re-Mi

Male Adult or Teen Audition Example – Edelweiss

Female Teen Audition Example – On My Own

Female Adult or Teen Audition Example – I Dreamed a Dream


NEXT UP:  Oklahoma!  (Details below)

May 15 and May 16th
Chaska Community Center, 1661 Park Ridge Drive

– Auditions are open to ages 8 and up.  Note that younger children of participating families may be considered after casting.

– You may audition either day. If you are a more accomplished dancer please audition on Tuesday, May 16th, if possible.

– Please note ALL conflicts during June/July (including weekends) as rehearsal time is limited.

– You must be available for ALL shows July 27-August 6th.
7:00 pm performances on July 27, 28, 29, August 2, 3, 4, & 5.
2:00 pm performances July 30 and August 5 & 6.


1. Please prepare your best 16-32 bars of music to be presented during the audition. You may sing any musical theater song of your liking or something from the show. Please bring sheet music clearly marked for the accompanist (where you will start, end and tempo). The director would prefer you work with the live accompanist and avoid the use of pre-recorded music.

Remember: Your audition piece should help the director and music director make the link between your abilities and the show. Songs should be chosen with an eye (ear) towards the type of music and style in Oklahoma!

2. Please be prepared for a quick dance audition.  Dress appropriately. The choreographer will teach all a small combination. Auditionees will present in small groups.

Side Note: The choreographer may ask those with more dance training/abilities to stay for a more challenging combination. (ballet and tap) That may also be part of the callback sequence.

3. Callbacks will be held May 18th from 5:00pm-9:30pm.  These auditions tend to take most of the evening. Those asked to attend callbacks will sing from the score as well as read from the script. It is possible that more skilled dancers could be asked to attend to work with choreographer as well.

For younger children (under 13 years-old):

1. They may prepare a piece of music as well and sing for us or they may sing something acapella such as ‘Happy Birthday’ or something from Disney that they may know. They may also be asked to ‘dance’ in a group. Please dress them appropriately for movement.


Hello All!  My name is Natalie Foster, and I am excited to be directing, OKLAHOMA! for CVFT this summer.

I’ve been directing professionally for over 20 years. I worked at an actor and singer for many years in the Washington D.C. area and as an educator/artistic director as well. Currently I am the artistic director/theater educator at Hopkins High School where I direct the musical, the spring plays and 5 one-acts every year.

I am in love with and a bit awed by the creation of a piece of theatre. It is a joy to work with others in that creative process. There is something sacred and divine in that creation. As the director, my job is to shape and clarify the story while honoring the time and talents of those who hitch their wagon to mine. It is an awesome privilege and a responsibility I don’t take lightly.

With all of that – I adore the beauty of Rogers and Hammerstein’s, OKLAHOMA! The story is well supported through song, dialogue, and movement. Its themes of romance and struggle are transfixing. The show’s pioneering spirit, its expansiveness, its characters’ fierce determination to find their place in a harsh environment is inspirational. These people know that in order to survive they must learn to work together, to tolerate each other, to protect each other and to share in each other’s happiness and sorrow. It really is a story of today, and I am so happy to have the opportunity to explore this show with such a talented, dedicated group of people. Anxious to meet all of you at the auditions in May.


Curly McLain
Baritone with F#
Charmingly naïve and handsome cowhand; rough-hewn, strong bronco-buster, clever, romantic lead who is in love with Laurey. Moves well
Laurey Williams
Soprano with A
Spunky farm girl who is in love with Curly but plays hard to get.  She has an earthy, sassy eagerness combined with dream beauty. Moves well
Aunt Eller Murphy
Raises Laurey as her own.  Rough with a fair heart that makes her a leader in the community.  Good values and a sense of humor.
Ado Annie Carnes
Belter with E
Driven by kisses and crazy for boys, Ado is a mixed up girl promised to Will Parker, but charmed by Ali Hakim; rough edged, comic role with huge appeal.
Will Parker
Tenor with F
Smitten with Ado Annie.  A cowboy just returning from a trip from Kansas City.  Thinks slowly but with passion.  Has bright comic appeal. Dance skill helpful
Jud Fry
Bass up to C#
Hired hand to Aunt Eller; strong physique; he loves Laurey in his darkly menacing way; has a chip on his shoulder; will do anything to get Laurey.
Ali Hakim
Baritone with F#
A traveling Persian salesman with an eye for the ladies; unwilling “suitor” to Ado Annie; clever comic actor; believable accent encouraged.
Gertie Cummings
An obnoxious loud mouthed girl with a loud laugh; she lusts over Curly making Laurey jealous.
Judge Andrew Carnes
Baritone with F
Over protective father of Ado Annie; he thinks Will Parker is “no good” and defends the honor of his daughter with an ever-present shotgun.
Soloist in ensemble
Ike Skidmore
Tenor with F
Owner of the ranch where the box social is held.
Soloist in ensemble
Cord Elam
Is the Federal Marshall in town and oversees legal “trial” of Curly after the stabbing.
Ensemble songs
Slim, Fred, Mike, Joe, Sam, Tom, Jess, Chalmers, Fred
Farmers and Cowhands who are friends of Curly and Will. (part of the ensemble) Some soloists.

*Kansas City
*Farmer Cowman
Ellen, Kate, Virginia, Vivian, Sylvie, Aggie, Armina
Farmer’s daughters and friends of Laurey. (part of ensemble) Some soloists.
*Many a New Day
*Out of my Dreams
Singing and Dancing Ensemble (will include children in some numbers)
Farmer’s, Wives, Daughters, and Cowhands who dance and sing in large numbers
*Kansas City
*Farmer and the Cowman
*Many A New Day (women/teens)