Upcoming Auditions


General Information About Auditioning

  • Auditions are open; family involvement is encouraged
  • Productions may have specific age or gender requirements
  • Auditions are conducted on a first-come, first served basis
  • Bring your calendar to note any conflicts on your audition form

You may fill out the form below and bring it with you, or fill one out at auditions




AUDITION SONG EXAMPLES Unless specific audition music is required (read below), we suggest choosing one of the following popular, well-know songs for your audition.

Youth Audition Example – Do-Re-Mi

Male Adult or Teen Audition Example – Edelweiss

Female Teen Audition Example – On My Own

Female Adult or Teen Audition Example – I Dreamed a Dream


Oklahoma! Cast List

Aunt Eller -Dianne Strandberg
Curly – Tom Muhs
Laurey – Hayley Wender
Ike Skidmore – Bennett Klingman
Fred – Larry Schroeder
Slim – Michael Quinn
Will Parker – Kyle Szarzynski
Jud Fry – David Wintheiser
Ado Annie Carnes – Amanda Tahnk-Johnson
Ali Hakim – Bruce Webster
Gertie Cummings – Christine Keller
Andrew Carnes – Rick McAllister
Cord Elam – Brad Kroese
Mike – David Erickson
Joe – Dave Cassin
Ellen – Lynn Winkleman
Kate – Aubrey Trecek
Sylvie – Sage Brahmstedt
Armina – Shannon Klingman
Aggie – Sydney Wuerger
Sara – Annie Colling
Rachel – Soraya Wiese
Dream Laurey – Kiana Carlson
Dream Curly – Ethan Aronson
Dance Captains – Gabrielle Arthur, Annie Colling

Featured Dancers – Gabrielle Arthur, Kiana Carlson, Kylie Carlson, Solveig Carlson, Sienna Clement, Annie Colling, Lauren Manna, Carly Swisher

Ensemble – Ethan Aronson, Miel Aronson, Oliver Aronson, Gabrielle Arthur, Sage Brahmstedt, Elijah Bresnan, Isabella Bresnan, Olivia Busch, Kiana Carlson, Kylie Carlson, Solveig Carlson, Anne Carraux, Jimmy Carraux, Lucy Carraux, Tommy Carraux, Dave Cassin, Susan Chambers, Sienna Clement, Annie Colling, David Erickson, Sydney Erickson, Makenna Ferreras, Brooklyn George, Julia Griffiths, Chase Haydock, Conor Johnson, Christine Keller, Bennett Klingman, Shannon Klingman, Alan Kretzschmar, Brad Kroese, Shane Kroese, Lauren Manna, Lucy June Mansell, Madi Niesche, Katie Piampiano, Michael Quinn, Mandy Roller, Larry Schroeder, Estefan Silva, Meredith Snapp, Emily Stern, Carly Swisher, Claire Tesch, Aubrey Trecek, Lynn Winkleman, Sydney Wuerger


Dear All:

Thank you to all who put their all into auditions! I so appreciate your hard work and preparation. I realize call-backs ran a bit longer, but I wanted to give all of you a chance to read/sing/dance and to be thorough and thoughtful in the casting.

For the most part, we will be rehearsing M-Thurs from 6:15-9:30pm at Chaska Community Center. We do have a bit of flexibility in our rehearsal times and may need to be flexible as people’s schedules change and evolve.

We will be in rehearsal next Tuesday (5/23) and Wednesday (5/24). All cast is asked to be at the cast meeting at 6:30, Tuesday May 23. If you have a younger child involved (8-15 yrs) you need to accompany then as there will be paperwork and materials to collect. You will have a flushed out schedule at that time.

Scheduling for 50+ actors is nearly impossible. If you are unable to be at a rehearsal and want to be in the number (if you are cast in that number) you will need to check-in with our stage manager and our choreographer or dance captains. They can provide you with materials that you have missed then it is your responsibility to learn that material.  This rehearsal process moves very quickly and we need actors to keep up with what is going on, even when they are gone from rehearsal.  If the actor misses too much material-we will need to reevaluate participation in that particular scene/musical number.

Thank you again for your time and dedication. CVFT’s and I appreciate your sharing your time and talents with your community.

Natalie Foster, director