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General Information About Auditioning

  • Auditions are open; family involvement is encouraged
  • Refer to specific information below for age or gender requirements
  • Auditions are conducted on a first-come, first served basis
  • You need only audition once; you will be called back if needed
  • Ages noted in cast requirements are approximate
  • Auditions may involve singing, acting, reading, dance or improv
  • Bring your calendar to note any conflicts on your audition form

If you’d like, fill out the form below and bring it with you.



AUDITION SONG EXAMPLES Youth Audition Example – Do-Re-Mi Male Adult or Teen Audition Example – Edelweiss Female Teen Audition Example – On My Own Female Adult or Teen Audition Example – I Dreamed a Dream


AUDITIONS SEPT. 15 & 16, 2014


AUDITIONS OCT. 20 & 22, 2014


**NOTE – You may audition and participate in both “A Christmas Carol” and “Shrek.”  Rehearsals for “Shrek” do not begin until January, and will not overlap.


AUDITIONS MAY 4 & 5, 2015



Music by Alan Menken, with Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens
Original Radio City Entertainment/Madison Square Garden Version

Performances November 28, 2014
Chaska High School Auditorium
545 Pioneer Trail, Chaska, MN 55318

9 Public Performances:
Nov 28, 29 & Dec 4, 5 & 6 – 7:30pm
Nov 29, 30 & Dec 6 & 7 – 2pm
One school-day matinee performance on Wednesday 3rd at 10:00 AM. 

Vocal & Dance Auditions:  Sept 15 & 16
CHASKA, MN 55318

Call backs (Invitation only) Sept 18th for additional Vocal, Dance, and Reading

Rehearsals: Sept 29 – Nov 28, at Pioneer Ridge Middle School.
Chorus & dancers generally will rehearse 2 to 3 nights/week (Mon/Tues/Thurs) until mid November.  Dancers will also be expected to rehearse some Saturdays.  Leads 3 or 4 nights/week until mid-November.  After mid November, additional evenings and some Saturdays will be required of all cast members during the final two weeks of rehearsal as opening night draws closer.

*** Please read additional detailed information below***

Ebenezer Scrooge is a prosperous curmudgeon who believes personal wealth is far more valuable than the happiness and comfort of others. With an infuriated “Bah! Humbug!” Scrooge summates his feelings of Christmas tidings and charitable giving, but he’s forced to face his selfish ways when three ghosts on Christmas Eve lead him through his Past, Present, & Future. Thanks to their guidance, Scrooge recognizes his faults and spends Christmas day reconnecting with those that mean the most to him.
Alan Menken’s (Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaid) wonderfully flowing score combined with Lynn Ahrens’ (Ragtime, Seussical) beautiful lyrics breathe fantastic new life into this version of the holiday classic.

Directed by Bill Coldwell; musical direction by Joan Nelson; choreography by Jennifer Sopoci-Hardin; Andrew Hasty, Orchestra Conductor.

A NOTE FROM THE DIRECTORS:  Those who recall our 2008 production will know that this show is one of the most heartwarming productions CVFT has ever staged, with a beautiful score by Alan Menken.  We need lots of strong ensemble singers – those who love beautiful melodies and enjoy singing in four part harmony. The music is challenging, but accessible, and incredibly rewarding. The strength of the message that the show so beautifully conveys is in the music.  The show is swiftly-paced, lasting less than 90 minutes, with no intermission.  It is 75% sung, and requires strong voices.  This will be a large cast with 60 or more. Aside from the lead role of Scrooge, it is largely an ensemble production with numerous opportunities for soloists and two large dance numbers.  ”Abundance & Charity” will feature many children and is a large, feature dance in the production. Read more information on characters/vocal parts below.  Everyone who is cast (all ages) will be expected to do at least rudimentary stage movement; those who wish to be in featured dances may stay for the separate more rigorous dance audition.


Age Requirements:  This production features roles for ages 8 and up, and requires many strong singers.  Experienced dancers also desired!  Mainly teen to adult roles (see below), but we’d like to cast many youth in the ensemble and also in a few featured roles (see below).  (Note:  Boys as young as age six MAY be considered for the role of Tiny Tim provided they can demonstrate a strong stage presence and vocal ability).  As is our practice at CVFT, we will consider casting some under-8 aged children along with their other older family members if cast, at the discretion of the director, but these under-8 children will not be auditioned.


Age 8 -13, VOCAL Auditions are September 15 & 16, 5:30 – 6:30 pm.

This is a singing audition only.  You will be taught to sing the music for “God Bless Us Everyone” as a group and then sing it solo for the audition/directing team.

Age 14 & up VOCAL Auditions, September 15 & 16, 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

This is a singing audition only.  Come prepared with 16 measures of your best Broadway or Holiday song, memorized.  it should be A FAMILIAR SONG FROM A TRADITIONAL BROADWAY-STYLE MUSICAL and SHORT, fit your vocal range, and PLEASE bring accompanying piano sheet music for the accompanist.


Age 14 & Up DANCE AUDITION, September 15 & 16, 8:00 – 9:00 pm.

You will be taught a short basic dance routine as a large group, followed by auditions in groups of 5 to 6.

Dress for dance and bring shoes (all types you have).


Call Backs:  If requested, you will be called back to sing again and read for a specific part on Thursday, September 18th.  Times are to be determined.

DANCERS:  We may also call back dancers to review specific abilities.

Character Breakdown (Ages noted are approximate)

BLIND OLD HAG / GHOST OF CHRISTMAS FUTURE A beautiful, and terrifying wrath, the Ghost of Christmas Future is strong and silent as she shows Scrooge what will happen to him and those around him if he continue down the path he is currently treading.
Female, 35 – 65 yrs old
Range: A3 – G5

EMILY:  Scrooge’s fiancé from when they were young. She is a beautiful girl, not impressed or in need of money.
Female, 18-25 yrs old
Range: A3 – B5


FRED:  Scrooge’s nephew and only living relative. He is a pleasant young man who believes in the good a joyful Christmas spirit can make in the world.
Male, 25-35 yrs old
Range: A3 – F5

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST:  An ever cheerful, sprightly ghost who comes back with the history book of Scrooge’s past to show him the events that led to his current state. Actor doubles as Lamplighter.
Male or Female, 20 – 60 yrs old (a wide age range will be considered)
Range: A3 – G5

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT:  A jovial, larger-than-life ghost who comes back to show Scrooge all the joy, love, and celebration he his missing out on while those around him celebrate Christmas. Actor doubles as Sandwichboard Man.
Male or Female, 20 – 60 yrs old  (a wide age range will be considered)
Range: A3 – G5

MARLEY:  Scrooge’s former business partner who, before his death, was exactly like Scrooge. Comes back as a ghost in chains to warn Scrooge of how his life decisions will bind him in the afterlife.
Male, 30 – 60 yrs old (a wide age range will be considered)
Range: A3 – A5

MR. CRATCHIT: A father and husband who cares deeply for his family, particularly his youngest son. He works hard to provide for them but is mistreated by his employer, Scrooge.
Male, 30-40 yrs old
Range: A3 – E5

MR. FEZZIWIG A portly, jolly man who used to throw a huge Christmas party every year for the community. He was Scrooge’s first boss and after teaching him all he knew, he became deeply disappointed in the man Scrooge became.
Male, 45-65 yrs old
Range: A3 – B5

MRS. CRATCHIT Tiny Tim’s mother and Mr. Cratchit’s wife. She is a loving mother who tries to provide the best for her children with what she’s got.
Female, 30-40 yrs old
Range: A3 – E5

MRS. FEZZIWIG The consummate hostess and Mr. Fezziwig’s wife, she loved to help throw the Christmas party every year. She is prideful.
Female, 40-60 yrs old
Range: A3 – A5

SCROOGE A man who lost his father to creditors as a kid and has grown up heeding his father’s advice to save his money. Until he realizes how terrible he’s become, he is grumpy, unsympathetic man and has no time for anyone or anything.
Male, 45-65 yrs old
Range: A3 – G5

TINY TIM Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit’s youngest son. He is crippled and sick, but is the definition of loving Christmas spirit. He constantly reminds his family that as long as they all have each other, they will be happy.
Male, 6-10 yrs old (*Boys as young as six will be considered for this role PROVIDED they have stage presence and vocal ability)
Range: A3 – E5


Children:  Mr. Smythe’s daughter, Cratchit children, Scrooge’s sister Fan, Turkey Boy/Street Urchin, Scrooge as a Young boy.

Adult:  Carolers, Beadle, Banker Men, Mr. Smythe, Mrs Mopps (Scrooge’s housekeeper), Scrooge’s mother, Scrooge as a Young Man (aged 18-25), Marley as a Young Man (aged 18-25).



Music by Jeanine Tesori, with Book and Lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire
Performances at Chanhassen High School Theater
March 5, 6, 7, 12, 13 & 14 – 7:30PM
Mar 7 & 8 and 14 & 15 – 2pm
School Matinee:  Thursday March 5th at 9:30 AM

Auditions:   October 20 & 22;, 2014 **READ REQUIREMENTS BELOW**
Chanhassen High School, 2200 Lyman Blvd, Chanhassen
Rehearsals Start:  January 5, 2015 and continue for 8.5 weeks

In a faraway kingdom turned upside down, things get ugly when an unseemly ogre – not a handsome prince – shows up to rescue a feisty princess. Throw in a donkey who won’t shut up, a bad guy with a SHORT temper, a cookie with an attitude and over a dozen other fairy tale misfits, and you’ve got the kind of mess that calls for a real hero. Luckily, there’s one on hand…and his name is Shrek.  SHREK THE MUSICAL is part romance, part twisted fairy tale, and all irreverent fun for everyone!
Directed by Randy & Josie Ross; musical direction by Diana Fornshell; choreography by Jocelyn Braudt.

CAST & AGE REQUIREMENTS:  Up to 80 people will be cast.  You must be 8 years old by January 1st, 2015 or enrolled in 2nd grade to be eligible to audition.  This production will include lead parts and ensemble feature roles that call for strong vocal ability and basic dance movement skills.  In addition, feature dancers with strong dance ability will be cast. Finally, there will be a number of ensemble roles that will be cast.  All ensemble characters and leads will be required to do some basic movement including simple dance and formation routines. Both adult and child feature dancers will be cast. There is a special need for both children and adults who have tap experience.In keeping with CVFT audition policy, every effort will be made to cast family members. 

Monday &Wednesday Oct 20 & 22  (Chanhassen High School)

5:30 to 6:30  Open Auditions for 8 to 13 year olds

Youth Vocal and Basic Movement:
Auditions will include singing 24 measures of I’m A Believer #24  from  the show (see link below) and participating in some basic improvisational acting exercises.  Children should come ready to sing the audition song but no preparation for the movement exercises is needed.  Dress for basic movement.

Youth Feaured Dancers & Tappers:
Children who have had minimal/moderate dance experience who have interest in feature dance roles or tap numbers should plan to stay after their vocal audition for a separate basic dance audition.  All other children are excused after the Vocal and Basic Movement portion of their auditions.  

6:30 – 9:00PM  Open Auditions for 14 years and up:     

Adult Vocal , Reading and Basic Movement:
Auditions will include singing 24 measures of I’m A Believer #24 from the show (see link below).  In addition, actors will be asked to read  parts from the script (see link below).  Finally actors will participate in some basic movement exercises.  Dress for movement.
Shrek Audition Reading A
Shrek Audition Reading B
Shrek Audition Reading C

Adult Featured Dancers and Tappers:
Adults who have intermediate/advanced dance experience who have interest in feature dance roles—including Tap numbers should plan to stay after their  Vocal/Reading Audition for a separate dance audition.  All other adults are excused after their Vocal/Reading audition..

DONKEY A talking donkey who joins Shrek on the run from Farquaad’s guards. Quite the chatterbox, he is not deterred by Shrek’s looks and practically forces himself into his good graces. Easily frightened and pushy, but also an optimistic with heart.
Male or Female, 16 and up
Range: C3 – B4

DRAGON A dragon that has been charged with guarding Princess Fiona in her isolated castle. She eventually falls in love with Donkey and attempts to keep him there forever. Imposing and flirtatious, but tired of her job as the glorified baby-sitter.
Male or Female, 16 and up
Range: F3 – Eb5

(Age and Gender open)

ANGRY MOB; HAPPY PEOPLE: (Age and Gender open)
GUARDS; KNIGHTS:  (Men 16 years and up)
RATS & CITIZENS OF DULOC: (Gender open, Age:16/up. Vocal/dance ability)
FLOWER CHORUS: (Girls 8 to 13 yrs)
DWARVES:  (Boys and Girls 8 to 13 years)

FEATURED DANCERS:  All ensemble characters and leads will be required to do some basic movement including simple dance and formation routines.  Both adult and child feature dancers will be cast.  There is a special need for both children and adults who have tap experience.

FIONA The beautiful princess of Far Far Away, she transforms into an ogre every night when the sun sets. Rescued by Shrek and eventually falls in love with him. Quirky, blunt, and multitalented, she is not an ordinary princess.
Female, 18-40 yrs old
Range: F3 – G5

GINGY A gingerbread man initially kidnapped by Lord Farquaad. His wit and resolution help him both avoid trouble and inspire the rest of the fairytale creatures. Puppet. Can be operated by actress appearing as Sugar Plum Fairy.
Female, 18-40 yrs old
Range: B3 – C#5

LORD FARQUAAD The comically short, ruthless ruler of Duloc. He is in search of a princes to marry so that he can become king. Has an intensely unfair bias against fairytale creatures that stems from a resentment of his father. Self-absorbed, lonely, and cruel.
Male, 30-55 yrs old
Range: B2 – D5

PINOCCHIO The leader of the fairytale creatures. He is an animated puppet whose nose grows every time he lies. Plenty of sass with a penchant for lying.
Male, 18-40 yrs old
Range: E3 – F#4

SHREK Our story’s title character. A big, green, terrifying ogre who lives alone on a swamp. He embarks on a journey to rid his land of fairytale creatures and, along the way, falls in love with Fiona. Begins as a grumpy hermit, but reveals his layers and eventually becomes the hero.
Male, 18-40 yrs old
Range: A2 – G#4



Auditions May 4 & 5, 2015

Book by  Lawrence Kasha and David S. Landay
Music by Gene De Paul
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer
New Songs by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschorn
Based on the MGM Film and “The Sobbin’ Women” by Steven Vincent Benet

Directed by Hannah Weinberg and Kevin Spencer
Music Direction by Andrew Hasty
Choreography by Hannah Weinberg

July 24-August 2

8 Performances: July 24, 25, 29, 30, 31 & August 1-7:30 p.m. and July 26 and August 2- 2:00 p.m.

Monday, May 4th
5:30 p.m.- 6:30 p.m. Ages 8-13 Vocal Audition (One night only for children)
6:30 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. Ages 14+ Vocal Audition
8:00p.m.- 9:00 p.m. Ages 14+ Dance Audition

Tuesday, May 5th
6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Ages 14+ Vocal Audition
8:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. Ages 14+ Dance Audition

Thursday, May 7th
Callbacks 6:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m
***Video auditions will be accepted in advance for high school and college students unable to attend auditions.***

Rehearsals: May 18th-July24th.
Ensemble approx. 2-3 nights/week until July, 4-5 nights/week from beginning of July until opening.

Principals, 3-4 nights/week until July, 4-5 nights/week from beginning of July until opening.  

Bursting with the rambunctious energy of the original MGM film, SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS is all boisterous fun and romance that harkens back to the glory days of the movie musical. A truly rollicking adventure that teaches that it takes a bride to turn seven unshaven unkempt brothers into manly gentle men and to turn desire into romance.

 Set in Oregon in 1850, SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS tells the story of Millie, a young bride living in the 1850′s Oregon wilderness. Her plan to civilize and marry off her six rowdy brothers-in-law to ensure the success of her own marriage backfires when the brothers, in their enthusiasm, kidnap six women from a neighboring town to be their brides.

 From Director Hannah Weinberg

“Unlike many of the big movie musicals from the 1950’s, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers did not jump on the bandwagon of bringing the musical to the stage. It was solely written to be a movie musical. 30 years later an attempt at a stage version turned into a big flop, with only five performances on Broadway, it was later revised again in 2007 for regional theaters. This show calls for a lot of physical movement, high energy, strong dance and musical abilities. Our process will be physical, constantly moving, with creative collaboration to focus on creating a fun working environment to bring this show to life. I am looking for strong, versatile actors who are not afraid to be daring and step out of their comfort zones.”

Age Requirements:
This production features roles for ages 8 and up, and requires many strong singers and dancers. Experienced dancers and gymnasts are desired. Mainly adult roles (see below), but there will be a small ensemble of children and teens for the townspeople scenes, and in “The Challenge Dance”.

Age 8-13, VOCAL Auditions are May 4th, 5:30-6:30 p.m. ONLY!
This is a singing audition only. Please come prepared to sing 16 measures of a classical Broadway song, bring sheet music; accompanist provided. No dance audition for this age group.

Age 14 & Up VOCAL Auditions are May 4th 6:30-8:00 p.m. and May 5th 6:30-8:00 p.m.
This is a singing audition only. Please come prepared to sing 16 measures of a classic broadway song, memorized. It should be able to show off your vocal range. Please bring sheet music in the appropriate key for the accompanist.

 Age 14 & Up DANCE Auditions are May 4th & 5th 8:00- 9:00 p.m.
You will be taught a short basic dance routine as a large group, followed by auditions in groups of 6-8.
Dress for dance and bring shoes (Girls: jazz, ballet, or character shoes. Men: Character shoes, shoes without grips) 

Call Backs: If requested, you will be called back to sing again, read for specific parts, and dance on Thursday May 7th. Times TBD.  Dress for movement.

***Casting 30-40 approximate**** 

VIDEO AUDITIONS will be accepted in advanced for high school and college students who are unable to attend auditions. The requirements will be similar to what is required at auditions. Details TBD.

If you don’t feel strongly about your dance skills, we shall be setting up times before auditions to work on the routine so you feel comfortable and confident at auditions. More details to come: TBD. 

Character Breakdown: (Ages are approximate)
ADAM:  The eldest of seven brothers. A tall and attractive hunk. Farmer and hunter. Vigorous, confident, charming. He falls in love with Milly.  Male, 30-40 yrs old. Range: B3 – A5

BENJAMIN:  The second eldest and second in command. A driven leader who is as quick to being hot tempered as he is to action. Falls in love with Dorcas.  ale, 25-35 yrs old.  ge: C4 – F5 

CALEB:  brother. Solid and smart, he a hunter who is unaccustomed to women. The most levelheaded of the brothers. Falls in love with Ruth.  Male, 20-30 yrs old.  Range: C4 – F5 

DANIEL:  A brother. He is rough-and-tumble, unkempt, and talkative. Falls in love with Liza.  Male, 20-25 yrs olld. Range: C4 – F5           

EPHRAIM:  A brother. Rough-and-tumble and unkempt. He is like a twin with Daniel, but less talkative. Falls in love with Martha.  Male, 20-25 yrs old.  Range: C4 – F5 

FRANK:  A brother. He is a hot head who is always ready to erupt. Reluctant to do anything that might be classified as sissy. The most rugged and “uncivilized” of all the brothers. Falls in love with Sarah.  Male, 20-25 yrs old.  Range: C4 – F5 

GIDEON:  The youngest brother. Shy, sensitive, and deeply honest to a fault. Still rough around the edges like his brothers. Eventually falls in love with Alice.   Male, 18-21 yrs old.  Range: C4 – G5

MILLY:  A bride. A feisty, beautiful, frontier woman with a vibrant sense of humor. Strong-willed, smart, and unafraid to say how she feels. She falls in love with Adam.  Female, 20-30 yrs old.  Range: G3 – E5.

DORCAS:  A bride. She is feisty. Works in her parents’ store and rebels against their overbearing nature. Pushes the dress code and acts as if she is more promiscuous than she really is. Falls in love with Benjamin.  Female, 20-25 yrs old.  Range: A3 – C5

RUTH:  A bride. Very practical with a sensuality underneath. A problem solver. The mother of the group of girls. Falls in love with Caleb.  Female, 20-25 yrs old.  Range: A3 – C5

LIZA:  A bride. A homebody attached at the hip to Martha. She is very superstitious. Eventually falls in love with Daniel.  Female, 18-21 yrs old.  Range: A3 – C5

MARTHA:  A bride. A bit of a goody two-shoes who does everything with Liza. She eventually falls in love with Ephraim.  Female, 18-22 yrs old.  Range: A3 – C5

SARAH:  A bride. A gardener and “tom boy” raised in a family of boys. She has a fiery sense of exuberance. Falls in love with Frank.  Female, 15-20 yrs old.  Range: A3 – C5

ALICE:  A bride. Sweet but very naïve and not too bright. Ultra clean. Very excitable and a hopeless romantic. Falls in love with Gideon.  Female, 16-19 yrs old.  Range: A3 – C5 

MR. HOALLUM:  Owner of the general store. He is also the town mayor and Dorcas’ dad. He is very protective of his daughter and girls in town.  Male, 45-65 yrs old.  Range: C4 – G5

MR. SANDER:  Owner of the local restaurant and Ruth’s father. Gruff and grumpy. He is conservative and very protective of his daughter.  Male, 45-65 yrs old.  Range: A3 – E5

MRS. HOALLUM:  Mr. Hoallum’s wife and Dorcas’ mother. Snobby and uptight. Like her husband, she does not like Adam and his brothers.  Female, 40-55 yrs old.  Range: A3 – D5 

MRS. SANDER:  Mr. Sander’s wife and Ruth’s mother. Snobby and conservative.  Female, 40-55 yrs old.  Range: A3 – D5.

PREACHER:   Alice’s father. A peaceful and deeply religious man who loves his daughter. Dislikes confrontation.  Male, 40-55 yrs old, Range: C4 – E5.

JEB (Liza’s Suitor)
JOEL (Martha’s Suitor)
NATHAN (Alice’s Suitor)
LUKE (Ruth’s Suitor)
MATT (Dorcas’ Suitor)
ZEKE (Sarah’s Suitor)