Upcoming Auditions


General Information About Auditioning

  • Auditions are open; family involvement is encouraged
  • Productions may have specific age or gender requirements
  • Auditions are conducted on a first-come, first served basis
  • Bring your calendar to note any conflicts on your audition form

You may fill out the form below and bring it with you, or fill one out at auditions




AUDITION SONG EXAMPLES Unless specific audition music is required (read below), we suggest choosing one of the following popular, well-know songs for your audition.

Youth Audition Example – Do-Re-Mi

Male Adult or Teen Audition Example – Edelweiss

Female Teen Audition Example – On My Own

Female Adult or Teen Audition Example – I Dreamed a Dream


Thank you to everyone who auditioned for our upcoming production of  JOSEPH & THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT!

We hope to see you back soon for auditions for our winter/spring production of LITTLE MERMAID!

Cast of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat:”

Narrators Gillian Barrow
Anne Brown
Cassie Smith
Joseph Michael Jarrard
Jacob Larry Evans
Reuben Derick White (Soloist: One More Angel in Heaven)
Simeon Timothy Johnson (Soloist: Those Canaan Days)
Levi Tom Ryan
Napthali Paul Klosterman
Issachar Jeff Angell
Asher Mike Tober
Dan Sam Nawrocki
Zebulon Kevin Spencer
Gad Wes Nawrocki
Benjamin Benjamin Slye
Judah Micah Mills (Soloist: Benjamin Calypso)


Ishmaelites John Matthews Nate Gale Gregg Murray
Angel Lynn Winkleman
Mr. Potiphar Matt Bayer
Mrs. Potiphar Robyn Chargo
Butler Tommie Hollingsworth
Baker Kris Causton
Pharaoh Andy Turner
Guards David Erickson James Gayther Ben Gunderson
Apache Dancers Amy Hoyord Derick White
Featured Dancers & Wives Amanda Hansen Jill Lemke Lindsey Turner
Tommie Hollingsworth Grace Murray Rebecca Twite
Erika LeMire Emily Stern
Featured Dancers & Potiphar Dancers Mackenzie Armbruster Marie Fahey Christine Keller
Hannah Bondley Amy Hoyord Ali Witte
Calla Ehlert Elise Nawrocki
Kids choir Meghan Anderson Tyler Jarrard Nan Ryan
Elias Barnett Kali Jarrard Nolan Semsch
Mackenzie Bounds Sophie Jones Meredith Snapp
Mackenzie Brady Murphy Lealos Alex Snodgrass
Zoe Burau Julia Lealos Anna Snodgrass
Petra Causton Henry Lemke Andrew Strain
Gwen Erickson Jordan Lind Hannah Swanson
Emily Gale Sophia Luck Claire Tesch
Riley Gamades Hailey Palmquist Alex Weiner
Kathryn Goetze Hayzl Perkins Lucy Wood
Eliana Hanson Kenna Pesta Molly Wood
Eden Hoyord Grace Redlon Evelyn Zick
Ensemble Rachel Anderson Ben Gunderson Grace Murray
Jeff Angell Amanda Hansen Tom Ryan
Mackenzie Armbruster Tommie Hollingsworth Benjamin Slye
Jennifer Barnett Nancy Hottinger Cassie Smith
Matt Bayer Timothy Johnson Kevin Spencer
Gillian Barrow Christine Keller Emily Stern
Hannah Bondley Paul Klosterman Mike Tober
Anne Brown Maddy Kohrman Andy Turner
Kris Causton Erika LeMire Lindsey Turner
Robyn Chargo Jill Lemke Rebecca Twite
Calla Ehlert John Matthews Sammi Wasserman
David Erickson Micah Mills Derick White
Larry Evans Grace Murray Lynn Winkleman
Beth Gale Gregg Murray Ali Witte
Nate Gale Elise Nawrocki Jennifer Zick
James Gayther Samuel Nawrocki
Marie Fahey Wesley Nawrocki