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Once upon a time at CVFT,

An ogre, a donkey, and a dragon walked into a theater...

CVFT is excited to bring that raucous & rambunctious fairytale extravaganza to the Chanhassen High School Theatre Stage in July 2022.


Shrek the Musical is an hilarious fairy tale in which curses are reversed, monsters get the girls, donkeys and dragons find love, and princesses are beautiful in all shapes and sizes.

Shrek The Musical will run July 29 through August 7 at Chanhassen High School. Tickets are on sale now!

*Sensory Friendly Performance: August 6th at 2:00pm*

All patrons over the age of 2 must properly wear a mask over their mouth and nose while in the theater.


Questions? Contact us by email at

Cast list:

Shrek - Michael Wesley 

Fiona - Amanda Marquis 

Donkey - Conor Johnson

Dragon - Kendall Winship

Lord Farquaad - Joshua Malley

Pinocchio - Heather Holt

Gingy - Elijah Hagar

Teen Fiona - Chloe Guttmorson

Youth Fiona - Hannah Buss

Sugar Plum Fairy - Annie Tilltoson

Humpty Dumpty - Allison Vandermark

Big Bad Wolf - Christian Peitsch

3 Little Pigs - Shawn Urban/Evan Anderson/Chloe Guttmorson

White Rabbit - Isaac Rossow

Fairy Godmother - Ginny Fogg

Peter Pan - Braylon Vollbrecht

Wicked Witch - Bette Block

Ugly Duckling - Meghan Malley

King Herald/Mad Hatter/Pied Piper - Cameron Dahlmstrom

Queen Lillian - Kendall Winship

Bishop/Ensemble - John Cornell

Papa Bear - Anna Olson

Mama Bear - Stacy Landin

Baby Bear - Ryan Peitsch

Shoemaker's Elf - Sara Cross

Young Shrek - Logan DeBoer

Mama Ogre - Allison Vandermark

Papa Ogre - Evan Anderson

Three Blind Mice - Meghan Malley/Chloe Guttmorson/Annie Tillotson

Thelonius - Daniel Cross

Grumpy Dwarf - Cooper Danielson 

Bluebird - Heather Holt

Tapping Rats - Annie Tillotson/Kendall Winship/Chloe Guttmorson


Daniel Cross

Lily Cross

John Cornell

Issac Rossow

Kim Rossow 

Kirstyn Saulsbury 

Rhiannon Becker

Hannah Larson 

Grace Johnson 

Talitha Anderson 

Rachel Vollbrecht

Jocelyn Colletti

Luke Sayre

Hope Peterson 

Anna Olson 

Hannah Buss

Avery Greely


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