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Dates and Times

November 30th  7:00pm 

December  1st    2:00pm

December  1st    7:00pm 

December  2nd  2:00pm

December  7th   7:00pm

December  8th   2:00pm 

December  8th   7:00pm

December  9th   2:00pm

Scrooge The Musical

Music and Lyrics by  Leslie Bricusse

Based on the original 1970s screenplay

Like the 1970s film, the musical closely follows the plot of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, in which the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge undergoes a profound experience of redemption over the course of a Christmas Eve night, after being visited by the ghost of his former partner Jacob Marley and the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. Academy Award winning songwriter Leslie Bricusse (Doctor Doolittle, Victor/Victoria) will have you tapping your toes and singing on your way out of the theatre! Directed by Guthrie Horgan, this holiday classic is a perfect way to start the Christmas season. 

Cast List

Anna Olson-  Ghost of Christmas Present

Anna Ransom  -Pringles Assistant

Annah Frost-Wine Merchant

Chase Haydock -Boy with Sled

Christine Keller- Jocelyn Jollygoode

Christine Keller -Mrs. Fezziwig

Conor Johnson- Peter Cratchit

David Wintheiser- Scrooge

Emily Gale- Jen

Emma Quist-Kathy Cratchit

Ethan Holthusen- Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come

Erika Lemire- Bess

Hannah Johnson- Mrs. Cratchit

Hannah Ridgewell- Helen

Heidi Lorch-Silva- Bakerwoman

Helayna Kohlmyer- Tiny Tim

James Gayther- Bissett

James Vair- Bob Cratchit

Kari Grundmeier- Mrs. Dilber

Kelli Snapp- Mary

Kelly Stacken- School Teacher

Kiana Carlson- Isabel

Matt Wehling- Tom Jenkins

Meredith Snapp- Martha Cratchit

Meredith Tuve- Pringle

Micah Mills- Mr. Punch and Judy Man

Micah Mills- Young Ebenezer

Michael Maloney- Jacob Marley

Michael Maloney- Topper

Nate Gale- - Hugo Harty

Nate Gale- Fezziwig

Nolan Semsch- Ebby

Parker Radmann- Tiny Tim

Sarah Friday- Miss Dilber

Sarah Ploof- Ghost of Christmas Past

Solveig Carlson- Beggar Woman

Timothy Johnson- Nephew Fred, Mr. Carstairs, Dick Wilkins 



Anna Olson

Anna Ransom

Annah Frost

Christine Keller

Erika Lemire

Hannah Johnson

Hannah Ridgewell

James Gayther

James Vair

Kari Grundmeier

Kelli Snapp

Kelly Stacken

Matt Wehling

Meredith Snapp

Meredith Tuve

Micah Mills

Michael Maloney

Nate Gale

Sarah Friday

Sarah Ploof

Solveig Carlson

Timothy Johnson


Alaina Anderson

Chase Haydock

Colton Armbrust

Conor Johnson

Emily Gale

Emma Quist

Ethan Holthusen

Greta Flaten

Gunnar Flaten

Helayna Kohlmyer

Josh Mueller

Kennedy Seibert

Kurt Ransom

Lucy Wood

Mackenzie Seibert

Molly Wood

Natalie Bartels

Nina Frost

Nolan Semsch

Parker Radmann

Ronan Johnson

Zoe Jones


Annah Frost

Christine Keller

Solveig Carlson



Annah Frost

Christine Keller

Colton Armbrust

Conor Johnson

Emma Quist

Erika Lemire

Ethan Holthusen

Greta Flaten

Hannah Ridgewell

Helayna Kohlmyer

Josh Mueller

Kelly Stacken

Micah Mills

Parker Radmann

Solveig Carlson

Zoe Jones

Production List

Director: Guthrie J. Horgan

Music Director: Cassandra Mcnally

Choreographer: Kianna Carlson

Technical Director: Katie Spille

Cast Biographies

Alaina Anderson (Children's Ensemble): Alaina is a third grader at Carver Elementary. She enjoys math, theatre, singing, dancing and the art of music. She is very excited to be with CVFT for her first ever show. She is thrilled to be in Scrooge as she loves Christmas. Her family is very proud of her.


Colton Armbrust (Childrens Ensemble): is excited to be in his second show at CVFT. When not on stage, he loves to sing, play guitar, and be at school. Colton wants to thank his mom and dad for supporting him and Jesus Christ for his talent!!

Natalie Bartels (Kids Ensemble): Natalie is excited to be back for her 5th CVFT production!  An 8th grader at Chaska Middle School West, she enjoys tennis, theater, photography, writing, fashion and baking.  Natalie wants to thank her family for their love & support. Merry Christmas and enjoy the show!

Kiana Carlson (Choreographyler/Isabel): Kiana is thrilled to be both choreographing the show and playing the role of Isabel. When Kiana isn't acting, you can find her teaching and choreographing at Velocity Dance and Theater or Larkin Dance Studio. Kiana trained in dance for 15+ years and has won numerous titles regionally and nationally. She also loves spending time with her amazing family! "Enjoy this wonderful Christmas story. Also, thank you to all my friends and family who are so supportive of what I love to do!"

Nate Gale (Mr. Fezziwig, Hugo Harty): This is my 5th show with CVFT. I am so happy to be on stage with my daughter. Special thanks to my family for allowing me the time to have a splendid party on stage!

James Gayther (Bisset):  "This is my seventh musical with CVFT. My favorite CVFT musical was Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Outside of CVFT, I also perform with the Eden Prairie Players. I have been in the following Eden Prairie Players musicals: South Pacific, Peter Pan, The Music Man, Bye Bye Birdie, Annie, Carnival, Dr. Doolittle, Once Upon A Mattress, Suessical, and Beauty & The Beast. Outside of theater, I like riding my bike, swimming, playing cards and playing video games."

Kari Grundmeier (Mrs Dilber): Kari is excited to be in her first show with CVFT. She has previously been in Children of Eden with Masquers theatre in Forest Lake and Argonautika at Gustavus Adolphus College where she minored in theatre. Scrooge the musical is one of her favorite Christmas shows.

Chase Haydock (children's ensemble/boy with a sled): is 11 years old and a student at Chaska Middle School East. This is Chase's third CVFT show following a performance in his middle school as Gary the Triceratops in Dinosaurs Before Dark the Musical. Chase enjoys listening to music and loves to watch movies.

Ethan Holthusen (Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come): is making his debut performance with the Chaska Valley Family Theater. Ethan is a fifth grader at Bluff Creek Elementary. He also enjoys playing the guitar, baseball and spending time with family and friends.

Conor Johnson (Peter Cratchit): Conor is so excited to be in his sixth consecutive show with CVFT! He was last seen in Footloose, and he's also been in School House Rock and Oklahoma. When not preforming, he enjoys playing video games and going to school.

Hannah Johnson (Mrs. Cratchit): Hannah is so excited to be on stage, after working backstage for many years (favorite shows include Little Mermaid and Footloose). She's especially pleased to be onstage with both her children (Conor and Ronan) in a role that her mother, Susan, played more than 15 years ago!

Ronan Johnson (Children's ensemble): Ronan is really excited to be in his very first real play! He's loved watched his big brother from the sidelines, and is thrilled that it's his turn to be on stage as well! Ronan is in 1st grade at Victoria Elementary, and loves gymnastics, which he learns at Laketown Gym in Waconia!

 Zoe Jones (Childrens Ensemble): I have participated in one other CVFT show. I am participating in middle school theater. I swim for West express and I run cross country for Chaska High School. I also love to play the baritone this will be my fourth year. I am really excited for the run of the show!

Christine Keller (Jocelyn Jollygoode, Mrs. Fezziwig, Adult Ensemble, Featured Dancer): Christine is excited to be in her 7th show with the CVFT. She loves playing the "Hostess with the Most", Mrs. Fezziwig, and getting spooky as one of the Phantoms! "All my love to my husband, for his continued support in all of my artistic endeavors!"

Helayna Kohlmyer (Tiny Tim): This is Helayna's second show with CVFT. She loves to preform and has been a competitive dancer and enjoys learning about acting and theater. While not on stage, she spends her free time downhill skiing and being with friends. Helayna attends a Spanish immersion elementary school and her favorite subjects are reading and writing. She is thrilled to be part of another CVFT production!

Urte Melyte (Stage Manager): Urte is thrilled to make her Stage Managing debut with Scrooge the Musical, having previously worked backstage on other CVFT shows, including Joseph... Dreamcoat and Footloose. She's had a great time working with the cast and crew and hopes to see everyone at future shows!

Josh Mueller (Kids Ensemble and Featured Dancer): Josh is a 7th grader who loves football and plays the piano and cello. He was a cast member of the 2018 middle school production of High School Musical Junior and has performed in several productions for the Homeward Bound Theatre Company.

Anna Olson (Ghost of Christmas Present): Anna has been in twelve CVFT musicals, but this is her first time onstage- Usually you will find her directing or playing in the pit. She is ecstatic to share the stage with so many talented performers, including her fiance who she met during the CVFT Christmas show two years ago. "I like life!"

Sarah Ploof (Ghost of Christmas Past): is a senior at Minnetonka Highschool. She is a member of Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, and Women's Quartet there. This is Sarah's first production with CVFT and she plays the role of the Ghost of Christmas Past and is in the adult ensamble. In her free time she enjoys baking, painting and knitting.

Emma Quist (Kathy Cratchit): This is my second CVFT performance. I was in Footloose this past spring. I was also in High School Musical with Chaska Middle School East last year. I am a 7th grader at CMSE. In my spare time, I love to sing and hang out with friends and family. I am super excited to be a part of this show!

Parker Radmann (Tiny Tim): is proud to make his third appearance onstage with CVFT.  He was previously seen in The Little Mermaid and Schoolhouse Rock Live.  Parker is in 4th grade at Clover Ridge Elementary.  In addition to theater he enjoys choir, baseball and swimming.

Anna Ransom (Pringle's Assistant/Adult Ensemble): I am excited to be part of my first production with CVFT. I have been in several Church and school musicals as well as being part of tech crew. I am currently a junior at Chaska High School.

Kurt Ransom (Child Ensemble): I am thrilled to be in my first production with CVFT. I have performed in multiple children's plays through Westwood Church and Prairie Fire Children's Theater. I am currently a 6th grader at Chaska Middle School West.

Hannah Ridgewell (Helen/Ensemble): is thrilled to be a part of her first CVFT show! She is a pharmacist at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center and recently moved back from Erie, PA, where she found her love for community theater. She was most recently seen in Camelot (Guenevere) and Mamma Mia (Ali) at the Erie Playhouse.

Kennedy Seibert (Childrens Ensemble): Kennedy is 10 years. She is currently in the fifth grade. She has only been in only other production and that was Alice in Wonderland!

Mackenzie Seibert (Children Ensemble): Mackenzie loves theatre. She also really enjoys sports- she thinks they are amazing especially HOCKEY and SOCCER.

Nolan Semsch (Ebby/ Childrens Ensemble): is very exited to be in the cast of Scrooge the Musical as Ebby and the children's ensemble . This would be his fourth show her after Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, The Little Mermaid, and School House Rock Live. Nolan is very excited to be back with his friends and perform. Hope you like the show!

Kelli Snapp (Mary): Kelli Snapp is thrilled to be in her first show with CVFT, especially with her daughter, Meredith to keep in her line! It's been over thirty years since her last show in Community Theater, and she's hoping it's like riding a bike!! Enjoy the show!

Meredith Snapp (Martha Cratchit): Meredith Snapp is excited to do her 5th show with CVFT beside her mom, Kelli. She is 13 years old and attends Chaska Middle School East. Meredith enjoys reading, writing and drawing in her spare time. Singing and acting are also some of her favorite hobbies.

Kelly Stacken (School Teacher and Adult Ensemble): Kelly is a graduate of Hamline University, where she received her Marketing Degree. Growing up she participated competitively in many sports: basketball, soccer, and track. And her love for music and quoting movies drew her to the theatrical world. Kelly is excited to be performing in her second play (ever!) with the lovely and talented CVFT cast.

James Vair (Bob Cratchit): Scrooge is James' second show with CVFT and he can't imagine a better way to get into the holiday spirit. He was previously in CVFT's production of "Schoolhouse Rock, Live!" and most recently as Lumiere in Eden Prairie Player's production of "Beauty and the Beast." He thanks you for coming to the show!

Lucy Wood (CHILDREN ENSEMBLE): Lucy is a 2nd grader at Clover Ridge Elementary. This is her 2nd CVFT show, and she's always willing to be in any show that Guthrie directs.

Molly Wood (CHILDREN ENSEMBLE): Molly is a 4th grader at Clover Ridge Elementary and is very excited about her 3rd CVFT show. Molly is an avid reader and always wants to know whether upcoming shows "have kid parts."

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