Production Staffing


Chaska Valley Family Theater does not employ any full-time staff, but rather pulls together a unique team for each production from our talented pool of local resources. The following positions are contracted for each production, and pay a modest stipend upon successful completion of the show:

  • Director
  • Stage Manager
  • Producer
  • Music Direction (Vocal and Instrumental)
  • Choreography
  • Technical Direction/Scene Design
  • Costuming
  • Lighting Design

If you have experience and would like to be considered for one of these roles for an upcoming production, or if you would like to see a detailed job description for any of the positions listed, please contact us

Attention College Students of Theater Study –
We Want You!
A role on a production staff not only helps sustain the arts in our community, it also looks great on a resume! Why not consider a position on our staff for an upcoming production?