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The Wonders

Directed by: Bill Coldwell and Randy Herget

It is 1964, in Erie, Pennsylvania. “Beatle-mania” is taking over America, and every small-town band is hoping for a chance at greatness.  When Guy Patterson, a bored appliance store clerk, fills in as drummer for a garage band at the local college talent show, good things start to happen. Their snappy hit propels them up the charts, and The Wonders go from obscurity to teen sensations virtually overnight! But as tensions grow, can Guy keep the band together?


The Wonders is a play, based on the 1996 hit film "That Thing You Do" featuring live, on-stage performances of songs from the original film, including "All My Only Dreams," "Dance with Me Tonight", "Mr. Downtown," “When You Hold My Hand You Hold My Heart,” “My World Is Over,” and of course, the title song "That Thing You Do."  

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