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Cast List
Dates and Times

September 14th  7:30pm 

September 15th  2:00pm 

September 15th  7:30pm 

September 16th  2:00pm

September 20th  7:30pm

September 21st  7:30pm

September 22nd 2:00pm 

September 22nd 7:30pm

September 23rd  2:00pm

Guy Patterson – Kale Winship
Mr. Patterson – Dave Erickson
Coffee Shop Waitress – Sharon Hanson
Coffee Shop Patrons –  5 or 6 TO BE SELECTED FOR CAST
Jimmy Mattingly – Stephen Carlson
Lenny Haise – TJ Strommen
Faye Dolan – Lily Podany
T. B. Player – Edwin Gast
Chad – Estefan Silva

Mrs. Patterson – Jill Browning
Darlene Patterson –Lucy Browning
Appliance Store Patrons –  3 or 4 TO BE SELECTED FROM CAST
Tina – Lindsay Turner

Talent Show Attendees/Fans – ALL TEENS/YOUNG ADULTS
Talent Show Stage Crew – 2 or 3 TO BE SELECTED FROM CAST
Talent Show M.C. – Ian Strommen
Applause-o-Meter Gal – Paige Berndt
Folk Singers – Lucy Morrissey, Ginny Enfield, Emily Stern, Tea Sopoci, Lynn Winkleman
Heckler/Fan – Wesley Edman
Latin Brass Group - TBD
Tony Villapiano – Mark Taintor
Janitor – Rich Strosahl

Uncle Bob –  Kevin Spencer
Patrons & Dancers at Villapianos –  ADULTS AND TEENS IN CAST
Phil Horace – Andy Turner

Usher/Cleaning Lady – Kristen Clare
Vic Koss – Wesley Edman
Orpheum Disgruntled Fans – ALL TEENS/YOUNG ADULTS
Mr. White – Jim Lund

Illinois State Fair Spokesman - TBD
Play-Tone Orchestra – Scott Rogness, Steve Chargo, Paul Zeller, +4 more
Play-Tone Tour Staff -
Concert Security Staff – Dave Erickson, Kevin Spencer, Mark Taintor, Andy Turner

Diane Dane – Kris Causton
The Chantrellines – Ginny Enfield, Lynn WInkleman, Petra Causton

Freddy Fredrickson - Tim Mulcrone

Play-Tone Back-up singers – Robyn Chargo, Lucy Morrissey, Christine Keller

Go-Go Dancers – Paige Berndt, Lucy Browning, Petra Causton, Ginny Enfield, Tea Sopoci, Emily           Stern, Lindsay Turner, Lynn Winkleman

Lamar – Estefan Silva
L.A. Tourists at Ambassador Hotel – 2 or 3 ADULTS TO BE SELECTED
Party Pier Beach Dancers – ALL TEENS/YOUNG ADULTS
Party Pier Movie Director – Dave Erickson

Party Pier Assistant Movie Director – Pamela Strommen
Movie Camera & Boom Operators – 3 - 4 ADULTS TO BE SELECTED
Rick – Ian Strommen
Anita – Ginny Enfield
Goofball – Alex Snodgrass

KJZZ DJ – Kevin Spencer
Photographer – Dave Erickson
Reporters – Robyn Chargo, Steve Chargo, Jill Browning, Lucy Morrissey
Sol Siler – Andy Turner
Kitty – Lynn Winkleman

Hotel Lounge Pianist – Scott Rogness
Hotel Lounge Waitress – Sharon Hanson
Marine Sargent – Ian Strommen

Marines – Wesley Edman, Preston Edman

Jazz Trio at Blue Spot Night Club – TBD
Marguerite – Christine Keller
Del Paxton – Mark Taintor
Del’s Friends at Blue Spot – Rich Strosahl, Steve Chargo.

Hollywood Showcase Announcer – Kevin Spencer
Hollywood Showcase Stage Manager – Wesley Edman

Hollywood Showcase TV Camera & Boom Operators – 3 - 4 ADULTS TO BE SELECTED
Hollywood Showcase Pianist – Scott Rogness
Troy Chesterfield – Ian Strommen
Hollywood Showcase Show Girls – Paige Berndt, Petra Causton, Ginny Enfield, Lindsay Turner
Screaming Fans/Audience Plants – VARIOUS CAST MEMBERS TO BE ASSIGNED

The Wonders

It is 1964, in Erie, Pennsylvania.  “Beatle-mania” is taking over America, and every small-town band is hoping for a chance at greatness.  When Guy Patterson, a bored appliance store clerk, fills in as drummer for a garage band at the local college talent show, good things start to happen. Their snappy hit propels them up the charts, and The Wonders go from obscurity to teen sensations virtually overnight!  But as tensions grow, can Guy keep the band together?


The Wonders is a play, based on the 1996 hit film "That Thing You Do" featuring live, on-stage performances of songs from the original film, including "All My Only Dreams," "Dance with Me Tonight", "Mr. Downtown," “When You Hold My Hand You Hold My Heart,” “My World Is Over,” and of course, the title song "That Thing You Do."

The Wonders has been adapted for stage, with permission, by Bill Coldwell, Randy Herget, and Scott Rogness, from the original 1996 film that was written and directed by Tom Hanks.  Bill and Randy have partnered on many past CVFT productions and will serve as artistic directors.  Scott co-wrote several of the songs in the original motion picture, and will serve as musical director, working with the singers and musicians in the production. 

The Wonders will be performed at the Chaska Community Center. 

Production Staff

Director: Bill Coldwell, Randy Herget

Music Director: Scott Rogness

Costume Designer: Jane Herget

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